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Dr. Jorge Aziz Jacobo - Orthopedic Surgeon - Mexico City (México Distrito Federal), Mexico - Medko

Dr. Jorge Aziz Jacobo

Orthopedic Surgeon

City: Mexico City (México Distrito Federal), Mexico
Clinics: Centro Médico ABC
Services Offered: Joint Replacement
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish
Years of Experience: 5
  • CMOT

  • AANA

  • CMOT

Physician Bio:

I specialize in sports medicine, particularly in shoulder and knee arthroscopic procedures, as well as joint replacement, particularly in hip and knee.
I practice at Mexico's City best private hospital and the only one that forms part of the Methodist network, the ABC Medical Center.
I did surgical visitation programs at Joint Implant Surgeons at Columbus, Ohio and Plano Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center at Plano, Texas for 6 months each.
I love soccer and football!

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